Deep Frame realidad mixta

Deep Frame

The world's largest holographic imaging device

Deep Frame is the new standard in holographic imaging devices blended with reality. With this product you can offer the viewer an amazing experience, as you can see holographic image projections seamlessly integrated into the real world, regardless of distance and size.

The world's largest holographic imaging device

Deep Frame is a technology that looks very much like a window. Looking through it you will see reality seamlessly blended with huge holographic images and animations. The advantage of our Deep Frame product is that it is a social experience, as it can be experienced by several viewers at the same time, without the need to wear glasses.

This advantage makes our mixed reality device a great ally when showing any idea, project or reality in a public place.

The system of this holographic imaging device consists of a concave optical lens, which can be mounted on a floor stand or suspended from the ceiling for permanent installations. A curved OLED monitor mounted behind the Deep Frame projects the HD or 4K image through the lens, generating the sensation of seeing your virtual content projected on top of reality.

The Deep Frame's 64″ (115×115 cm) size makes it suitable for both large-scale use - such as in front of a building or monument - and smaller locations, such as exhibitions or museums. Projections can be controlled to simulate different image distances. This technology enables multiple applications, to visualize anything from a new bridge, a car, the renovation of an ancient castle and even a ship flying over the city.

The optical lens of the Deep Frame is manufactured in the same way as high-precision space telescopes. The concave lens bends the light coming from the OLED monitor, creating a fine and precise distortion of the image. As a result, we can transmit the virtual layer to the user at a much larger size and greater distance, simply by minimally adjusting the gap between the curved display and the lens.

The curved OLED display can also be ceiling mounted.

Examples of use:

Main attraction, reconstructions, virtual worlds, science fiction, etc.

Central point of spaces

Shared experience

Stands, fairs, museums, congresses, airports, cinemas...


Tailor-made video according to the project

Possibility of frame

Size: 135 x 1350 x 10 cm (WxHxD)

Size with base: 144.6 x 201.5 x 201.5 x 92 cm (WxHxD)


optics - 50kg

stand - 20 kg

Screen size: 65'' curved OLED

Screen resolution: 4K

Virtual image from 3.5m to 194.6m simulated distance

Speakers: integrated

Player: integrated