Aspas holográficas

Holoflip 60 - Holographic blades

Small format holographic projections

The great attraction of the Holoflip 60 lies in its small format and its versatility. Its blades rotate, allowing to show a holographic image with volume.

The holder is lightweight and can be hung on a wall with one or several units displaying different images. It can also be combined to project a single large shape.

Its use is usually used for advertising: brand logos, products, unboxing, etc ... But it is also recommended for events where we can take advantage of long spaces. An example would be an aisle, position them along and thus allow greater visibility to be observed.

These holographic blades are the focus of attention and allow to compete with other visual stimuli that may be present.

An optimal option to add the distinctive of your brand or product in real time, enhancing its most important qualities and features.

Central point of spaces

Exhibitor of virtual and real objects of small size.

Stands, fairs...