The first holographic manifestation in history

Paraddax brought its experience and expertise in the technical realization of the holographic installation and video projection of this first holographic demonstration in history. It took place in front of the congress of deputies in Madrid, on 10/04/2015. This street action against the so-called "gag law" has won a large number of awards, among the most prominent worldwide.

The Plaza de las Cortes in the Spanish capital, became the center of attention around the world. Media from all over the world such as The New York Times, Le Monde, CNN, BBC, NBC, China Topix, The Times of India, The Guardian, FOX, etc... reported on the event. In addition, the originality, innovation and futuristic technique used for the protest promoted by the citizen platform "No Somos Delito" (NSD) was also remarkable.

Original idea: DDB

Production and video: Garlic

Holographic Gag Law Demonstration

Client: Amnesty International, We Are Not Crime

Apporte / Participation:

Paraddax Lab coordinated and realized the technical and visual aspects of the installation, with a giant holographic gauze and its video projection, as well as our holographic screen, Holoman 150, so that journalists from around the world could intervene live in the form of holograms.


Examples of use:


55″ OLED display with FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Color Depth: 1.07 Billion Colors (10bit).

Brightness: (Typ.)150 / 400 nit (APL 100% / 25%, without glass)

Response Time: 1 ms (Gray to Gray)

Viewing Angle: (H x V)178 x 178

Contrast Ratio: 150,000 : 1

Color Gamut: BT709 120%.